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Bayanda Mzoneli is a public servant. He writes in his personal capacity.

It is has been a mammoth challenge to try and overcome the difficulties I have had to face in customising this blog to my preferences.

The main difficulty has been the functionality related with permalinks (a feature that enables you to read my old blogs and make it possible for you to search them using search engines such as Google). While I was trying to fix this, my domain name ( was suspended. Even though I had the IP Address to access the website, I could not access the blog.

The host of my domain has returned my domain name and informed me that it will expire on 31 March 2009. This means I will be online until then. I also googled around for the solution to permalinks problem and the changes I had to make to the .htaccess file until I succeeded.

Now I am back online. I will be posting more info in due course.


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