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Bayanda Mzoneli is a public servant. He writes in his personal capacity.

Sadly we have come to the abrupt end of the Election ’09 series.

I wish to thank all South Africans who voted for the ANC. The ANC has understood your aspirations since 1912, to this day it remains the only true representative of the people.

I also wish to that all those who did not vote for the ANC. Your participation in this hard-fought democratic right is much appreciated. Hopefully in future you will have a deeper understanding of what you vote for and thus make a better decision.

I am disappointed by those who qualified to vote but elected not to vote. Your vote was important to the ANC. Try to avoid such negligence. Your should determine you own future and that of your children. Such responsibility cannot be left to neighbours.

Let us all now continue the work of the organisation by participating in our branches towards the centenary of OR Tambo and Luthuli’s movement.

As for this blog, besides the regulars, I’m contemplating on sharing some of the ultra left views I’ve heard from a friend. Some of the views have been so convincing such that I have temporarily adopted them as my own until I am convinced otherwise. I’ll try to present them in some form of series.

Thank you again for referring friends and family here, both the positive and negative feedback I have been receiving through email is much appreciated.

Aluta Continua!

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