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Last week Friday, following remarks attributed to the MDC, a friend posted the Facebook status below;

The status and it’s subsequent comments prompted me to chat to Zama Magagula just before I left the office on Friday, as she was online on Gmail Chat. Our conversation appears below;

3:28 PM Bayanda: I think you’re both simplistic in your arguments on the Zim question

3:29 PM this does not mean that you’re incorrect

Zama: Meaning? what is your take on the MDC statement?

Bayanda: They are simplistic too, perhaps that is how they absorbed you to respond the same way

3:30 PM Zama: Yabo nje my main concern is, how will seeking citizenship in other countries resolve problems they have ekhaya

Zama: and thina are we suppossed to give them preference kukhona abanye who applied kudaala just because bangama-Neighrbors

Bayanda: that is the odd way of looking at it

for example,

3:31 PM as the government, in particular our department

Bayanda: we have said all Zim who have fraudulent documents will be given amnesty if they come forward and make their stay regular

3:32 PM meaning those who have fraudulent documents

can bring them back and apply for proper documents that they qualify for

so if you’re from Zim and run a business

3:33 PM you have to register for a proper work or business permit

Zama: Still Bayanda , in reality no one will come forward. Lokhu kufana nokuthi laba abanezibhamu ezingekho emthethweni abazibuyise

Njengobani ongaziceba

Bayanda: surprisingly they will

because we are giving amnesty

perhaps those who won’t come forward are those who have no business being here any way

3:34 PM remember, if you employ a foreign national who does not have proper documents, you are committing a crime

already some employers have started contacting us wanting proper work permits for their employees

3:35 PM we feel we need to know who is here and what they are doing where

that is why we felt all Zim people, because they are the majority, should regularise their stay

over time we may want to extend similar or alternative arrangements for other nations

but also

3:36 PM what I was saying is odd in your arguments

is looking at Zimbabweans as people who must leave as early as possible

most people do not mind that Chinese, Europeans and Indians can come and set up business and sell in this country

3:37 PM however, if the person is from Zimbabwe or Somalia, then there is a problem

I don’t think it is a fair way of looking at things

if we are to have a problem with Foreign Direct Investment, let us deal with it as a whole

not to say it is welcome as long as it is not from Africa

3:38 PM we have to re-adjust how we look at our fellow Africans

3:39 PM Zama: And how does this benefit us ngoba labantu abakhokhi even iTax?

Bayanda: That is why Home Affairs says they need to come forward and be properly registered so that they do business adhering to our [tax] laws

3:41 PM Zama: and soon we will be having other countries doing the same thing

or asking for the same thing

why ke singavele sibe neUnites States of Africa

3:42 PM [Unites = United]

3:44 PM Bayanda: remember, I did not say that we are granting everyone citizenship

I said we want everyone properly registered

Zama: I’m pretty sure it will come to that. why should they apply if they won’t be granted

3:45 PM Bayanda: When Parreira came here to coach the squad, he applied and was issued a work permit.

3:46 PM the same applies to soccer players who play in the league

I don’t think we should exclude domestic workers from Zimbabwe from the same arrangement because we fear that we will be United States of Africa

3:47 PM that is why I am saying we should look at issues in totality

not in isolation

Zama: Well to simple citizens like us esingachazelwa kahle kuzwakala sengathi by documents you guys are referring to citizenship

not work permits

3:48 PM Bayanda: no

Zama: MDC is talking citizenship

Bayanda: we have said those who are studying should apply for study permits

Zama: Thina njengamanje sikhuluma ngamaWork Permits

or Study permits

Bayanda: those who are working should apply for business permits, etc

Zama: 2 different things

3:49 PM “Given the above, we are of the view that these Zimbabweans should be granted South African citizen status. It would be easier to deal with the above issues.” – MDC

Zama: local secretary Ngqabutho Dube told reporters

Bayanda: Yes, that is why when I started I said perhaps, the MDC was simplistic which may have absorbed your perspective in the same direction

Bayanda: There are procedures to be followed to become a citizen

3:50 PM for example, you need to have been in the country for 5 years [in a certain permit] to qualify to apply for naturalization, which makes you to become a citizen

3:51 PM so being a citizen is a separate matter

Besides what we are doing now was agreed between our Minister of Home Affairs and the 2 Ministers of Home Affairs in Zimbabwe (one from MDC and one from ZANU-PF)

3:52 PM it is both opportunistic and simplistic for MDC to make that kind of remark

but we need to be careful not to follow in that trap

3:53 PM Zama: Yes and that is our concern as SA citizens

We are quite aware of the normal procedure

But if bona sebesho kanje we feel like hey WAIT a MINUTE…….are you guys (Home Affairs) going to allow that now

Since when is citizenship decided by other countries manje

3:54 PM Just because sincikise their head quarters la

Zama: So your department will need to ensure that information is conveyed correctly to the citizens of this country.

3:55 PM Cause yimi nawe esne-Access to the online news but abanye are beefed by the media

3:58 PM Bayanda: That becomes the issue of the media, which is a different topic altogether.

Some journalists have our contacts and when a story implicating us breaks, they call us to get our side so that reporting is balanced.

3:59 PM We go out of our way to try and reach people, including radio and tv. Even though tv has a limited space.

4:02 PM Zama: that is one thing that I have noticed engenye yama-Main cause of confusion

especially to the “lower level” comunity

taxi drivers, domestic workers, oGogo, people abasemakhaya, etc

4:03 PM Bayanda: You’re right

they are harder to reach, even though some of them would often listen to radio

in addition to that we try and work with religious leaders, assuming some of them do go to church

but, yes communication is a complex phenomena

4:04 PM Zama: but bad news travel fast kubo

and they are very quick to re-act

like an issue like this

kuzovela the MDC part ifike even emaphepheni afan noSolezwe

(which they buy)

4:05 PM response will be……….basjwayela kabi sebefuna ukuletha lamakwerekwere azoba awalapha manje…… no pun intended ngisho the way they will say it

asikufuni lokho, then some activist see i-Opportunity…..kuqale inkinga

4:06 PM or even opposition parties abone iOpportunity

nge-Miscommunication qha

4:07 PM Bayanda: I understand. Our communication meets every week day at 09:00 to look at issues and formulate responses. We are trying harder everyday.

4:10 PM g2g

nice Friday chat

Zama: Bye……good chat indeed

Bayanda: Cheers!

Zama: Till we chat again


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