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There is an occasionally brewing wave among sections of the middle class black community about buying black, which is an initiative to get fellow black people to buy mostly from black businesses as a variant of economic empowerment.

On the other hand, over a decade ago, the government, together with various stakeholders, launched the Proudly South African campaign to promote domestic brands that, due to international trade, have to compete with foreign brands in the aisles of the retail space.

In the recent years, young people, though a strata, have taken advantage of the prevailing country population demographics by emphasizing that society has a duty to support efforts of young people in economic participation. Most of the advocacy is directed at government, and, to a lesser extent, the private sector supply chains. But the advocacy is not as prevalent at a retail level.

Philani Mhlongo, whose birthday is today, runs a business that intersects all these initiatives. He is still youth, at least for the next 12 months. But it does not end there.

Often, there are perceptions that buying black or South African products ought to be an act of the conscious and true patriots. This is often subtle pointed out in order to ensure that the price and/or quality of the product does not result in the customer picking an alternative to the South African or black product. Depending on the spectrum of consciousness this is perceived as an embedded premium a customer should be willing to pay or a charitable act.

Philani Mhlongo’s products at Njomstyle are competitive in price and quality, in addition to being proudly South African plus designed and produced by a young black person.

Njomstyle started in 2015, producing bracelets from gem stones. The business has since grown to producing beautiful and stylish leather bags, ranging from women’s handbags, to business laptop bags, wallets, cardholders and backpacks.

In line with the evolving disruptive business models, Njomstyle also provides custom made items from within their range, meaning you may place an order for the bag you would like to buy and have it made to your specifications, including engraving the bag with a message or a name.

I need not convince you further about why you should buy her an apology bag or Christmas bag from Njomstyle with her name written on it. Nor do I need to convince you further why you should buy him his next wallet or card holder with his name on it from Njomstyle, instead of Busby or Tread and Miller.

If you have control/influence on the corporate gifts budget, this is the time to make your contribution to empowerment.

All you need to do is to contact Philani Mhlongo on the following channels to get some of the best products in the world;


Instagram: @njomstyle

Twitter: @njoms_

Cellphone no: +27 82 847 3943

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