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Bayanda Mzoneli is a public servant. He writes in his personal capacity.

After a handful of failed attempts to establish my own blog, I ultimately decided that 2008 is the year in which I am finally going to launch my own blog. Don’t you wish you could start implementing your New Year’s resolutions within the first month of the New Year just like me.

The lack of success in my previous attempts can largely be attributed to issues of time, political correctness, absence of a blogging tool that fits my preferences, hosting of the blog and other minor reasons. I have now been able to resolve most of the major obstacles, which is why you are now reading this blog.

I have no intention of insulting, undermining and/or disrespecting anyone on(in) this blog. However since a wide variety of subjects will be tackled it may or may not be inevitable that at one point or another certain arguments or statements may sound negative. This is not to be unexpected especially in a country (South Africa) where freedom of expression is a constitutional right.

Ironically, even though I would welcome comments on this blog, I have decided to have prepublication censorship of all comments until I get to trust those who post comments regularly. After all this is my blog. Anyone who draws discomfort from censorship is welcome to start their own blog.

Even though I might not necessarily be the most intelligent person in South Africa or in the world for that matter, I hope those who make time to read my blogs do find useful information at least once in a while.

I pause.

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