Not withstanding the title of this study, it is definitely not about the stolen shit that was in a protest in Cape Town in December 2013. Neither is it about the man who smeared shit on his face to avoid being arrested by police in March 2020, also in Cape Town. Instead, I have spent most of the past 30 days alone, in Cape Town. I used part of the time to take another look into shit, following this author’s work on the same subject in 2010, see references. I initially thought I could measure . . . Continue reading this article

One of the pastimes of the twepple is outrage that is often indiscriminate. Twitter users, as in real life, often get, rightfully, outraged by outrageous incidents of racism, unfairness and other faux pus. At other times, it is not outrage that manifests, it could be a twar, where tweeple choose sides. At other times, what starts out as poking fun degenerates into sublimal cyberbullying. Most recently, entries opened for the Miss South Africa 2020 peagant; they opened on 11 May 2020, . . . Continue reading this article

During times crises, all ideas should be considered to try and come with solutions to deal with prevailing crises. As a result, I was pleased to read the speech delivered by the Democratic Alliance’s new Head of Policy, Ms Gwen Ngwenya at the Economic Association of Namibia, in Windhoek on 7th of November 2019. It contained an interesting perspective on what was likely to be the DA’s conceptualisation of non-racialism. In her speech, Ms Ngwenya, places emphasis on addressing inequality through . . . Continue reading this article

Dad, You'd be 65 years this week, and probably taking retirement, if you wouldn't have taken it earlier. But it's been 22 years since death robbed us of your witty charm. Mom fulfilled your plans to get a second house Empangeni, for us to move there from Ingwavuma. You probably had more plans for us, that sadly we may never know. But you'd be pleased to know that we turned out alright, in spite of TB stealing you from us in 1998, and mom following you in 2004, due to pneumonia. We knew about Khondathi, . . . Continue reading this article

On 4th January 2020 I came across the tweet below, which pricked my interest (sic); I lose about 6/7kgs in 13 days when I do this diet. It’s really good. Going to start it on Monday then hectic gym and healthy eating ??It’s called the 13 day diet. It’s mentally really hard to do and not a lot of people can finish it. But the results ???— NdimhleFcukedUp (@JackDevero) January 4, 2020 As is the custom for many who are outside the recommended BMI range like . . . Continue reading this article

For new readers, besides the 17 regular readers of this blog, this post is a sequel to the post about the same matter I wrote 6 years ago. The previous post highlighted the importance of third-privacy as the major reason to avoid security breaches on one's phone. This sequel serves as a rough guide to securing your phone to protect the privacy of third parties, including, but not limited to, nudes, and similarly sensitive content, taken, or shared with you. If people trust you with their sensitive . . . Continue reading this article

Last week I berated Dambi (aka Mazinyo) for liking a Facebook comment that had homophobic undertones. Dambi is a young female activists who serves in various structures of liberation movement, and appears to be destined for bigger responsibilities. In berating her, I mentioned that as an activist she should attempt to bridge the gap between the values she feigns to espouse for political reasons, and the her actual values. Time will tell whether that message fell on deaf ears. As an armchair . . . Continue reading this article

“An increase in corruption, factionalism, dishonesty, and other negative practices that seriously threaten the goals and support of the ANC. That these practices contradict and damage our mission to serve the people and use the country’s resources to achieve development and transformation. That corruption robs our people of billions that could be used for their benefit.

That the lack of integrity perceived by the public, has seriously damaged the ANC’s image, the people’s trust in the . . . Continue reading this article

For the longest time, it appeared that the maximum punishment for the adverse audit opinions expressed by the Auditor-General on government departments, and entities, was to be invited to the Standing Committee On Public Accounts (SCOPA) to be berated by the multiparty members of the committee chaired by Honourable Themba Godi of the APC.

For almost as long a time, I have held a stupid view that, if the ANC were serious about fighting corruption, the Auditor-General would be given a hybrid of . . . Continue reading this article

An obvious fact that is rarely considered is that the absolute territorial body control of oneself specifically ends at the tips of one’s own limbs. Beyond that you have very little, if any, control or jurisdiction in your environment, people around you or people you choose to associate with.

It is a matter of fact that if you are a man, you have full control on what to do with your penis, on your own, or with those who consent to doing something with you that involves it. You have complete . . . Continue reading this article

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