It is has been a mammoth challenge to try and overcome the difficulties I have had to face in customising this blog to my preferences.The main difficulty has been the functionality related with permalinks (a feature that enables you to read my old blogs and make it possible for you to search them using search engines such as Google). While I was trying to fix this, my domain name ( was suspended. Even though I had the IP Address to access the website, I could not access the blog. The . . . Continue reading this article

After a handful of failed attempts to establish my own blog, I ultimately decided that 2008 is the year in which I am finally going to launch my own blog. Don’t you wish you could start implementing your New Year’s resolutions within the first month of the New Year just like me. The lack of success in my previous attempts can largely be attributed to issues of time, political correctness, absence of a blogging tool that fits my preferences, hosting of the blog and other minor reasons. I have . . . Continue reading this article