Today is the last day of December 2008. I'm writing here to keep my promise of blogging at least once a month. Hence there is not much I have planned to write. I've been meaning to write a whole lot of things recently, especially on the political front. Due to my busy work schedule issues tend to happen faster than I have time to write about them. Alternatively, I would have written text that is shallow and the millions of readers who visit this blog every month would have been disappointed at me.I'm . . . Continue reading this article

Just when I thought I have read all there is to read about HIV and AIDS, here comes a book that takes an absolutely different dimension to the subject. It does not end there, it goes on to challenge the patriarchy that sometimes parades itself as culture and how damaging it can be sometimes in African marriages. With the media doing their bit in early summer every year, mainly due to 1st December, you would think nothing can be said about HIV that can change people’s habits that has not been said . . . Continue reading this article

I have a handful of friends who carry around good phones while not taking advantage of some of the readily available features of those phones (no offence to my good friends, I know where my bread is buttered). Contrary to what some believe I do not know too much about technology, I just try to be up to date and take advantage of useful technology features. May I also acknowledge that most of the information I will write here is already available, I am just packing it nicely here for my friends and . . . Continue reading this article

In reaction to Mr Lekota's recent utterances, some have related it to what has happened in the past with other ANC protestants. On the other hand, some have argued that the context in the case of Mr Lekota et al differs fundamentally from the other protestants. It is important to look at what membership of the ANC has meant over the years versus how the protestants have defected from the ANC. From there we can deduce whether the context entirely differs or it's a mere deja vu. In Part One of the . . . Continue reading this article

A friend and comrade, Themba Phakathi, requested to write Part 2 of this series. It can be read in his blog here.

I will write Part 3 soon.

For those who read Themba's blog as I had suggested, I know he said he was going to write on resignations. But after Lazola wrote first (see his blog) on responding to an ANC letter, I have opted to write something that relates to resignations instead of Themba writing about it. The recent developments have led some people to ask me question because they think I am in the know. I am not sure why they think like that. While trying to answer their question with little that I know, I felt it is neccesary . . . Continue reading this article

I committed myself to posting on this blog at least once a month. This month I have decided that I might not write anything, even though by so writing, I have already written. Some may be surprised that I claim this to be a South African blog yet I have not written anything this week regarding the events as they unfold in South Africa. The thing is ... er.. I was actually going to .. er..(cough) think about er... er... I know it's unlike me, but er... sometimes we all er... from time to time er... . . . Continue reading this article

I have been using Windows Vista for the past 7 months now. My experience of this Operating System (OS) has been very painful to say the least. Prior to using Vista on HP Pavilion, I was dual booting XP2 and Ubuntu (in sequesnce; Breezy, Dapper, Edgy, Feisty and Gutsy) on a Sahara laptop. I still keep it for reference. One day, I will make time to write about Ubuntu (you can google about it in the mean time).XP2 has been treating me relatively well, I have come all the way from Windows 3.1, 95, NT . . . Continue reading this article

I was reading my blog. I noticed that it looks lonely, deserted and neglected. As is the practice in the human race, I found excuses on why my blog is so cold and dry. As you may or may not know (google my name), the kind of work that I do is very demanding. Since the break of criminal violence in South Africa which was characterised as xenophobia, I have had my hands full. Besides that, June is the Youth Month in South Africa. Working with a lifetime youth activist demands a lot of time during that . . . Continue reading this article

It is has been a mammoth challenge to try and overcome the difficulties I have had to face in customising this blog to my preferences.The main difficulty has been the functionality related with permalinks (a feature that enables you to read my old blogs and make it possible for you to search them using search engines such as Google). While I was trying to fix this, my domain name ( was suspended. Even though I had the IP Address to access the website, I could not access the blog. The . . . Continue reading this article