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I know that I promised millions of readers of this blog that I will write about the ANC 2009 Election Manifesto. I am still going to write about that in a special election series of this blog.

I wish to thank all those who wrote and spoke to me about my previous blog about the Manifesto launch in East London. It truly was a spectular occassion. Many of the readers also like the embedding of Facebook comments on the blo. I’ll try to do it again in future.

As you may already know, I am a Catholic Christian. I try not to eat meat on Fridays as required in the Catholic Church, I try to go to Church every Sunday even though I have a busy program at work and I can also pray using the Rosary. If you are a Catholic like me, or not, you will pleased to learn that the Vatican (Headquaters of the Catholic Church where His Holiness the Pope resides) has established a Youtube Channel. Youtube is a website where users can upload their videos, which can then be watched by other users. The Vatican launched its channel on Friday, 23 January 2009. It means I will now be able to watch His Holiness on my laptop and follow the latest news from the Vatican. I just love the way the technology is improving around me these days.

The ANC has unleashed an unprecedented campaign that takes advantage of most available technologies.

1) The ANC has launched an election website at This website features latest statements, election videos, the ANC Manifesto, the Manifesto policy framework, free download of Wallpapers, free download of the ANC election song, participate in discussion forums and many more. The elections videos are linked to the Youtube ANC Elections Channel just like the Vatican Channel.

2) There is also a mobile version of the ANC election website which is adapted for cellphones. It can accessed on the phone by visiting on your phone. It means anyone that has a phone that can access internet can access this website. It also features information about the ANC, Phone Wallpapers, you can also download the ANC election song to make it a ring tone on a capable phone.

3) You can also receive ANC updates on your phone as things happen. To register, sms “myanc” to 33028 (the sms costs R1.50) You can also receive updates via email by registering on the website.

4) I understand some young people in the ANC have established a website called I Vote ANC Campaign. It can be accessed at This website features various information including some innovative designs of campaign T-Shirts. There is also a link to the Facebook profile of the website.

5) There is also an official African National Congress group on Facebook. Those who have access can search it and join the group. Note that there are many ANC related groups on Facebook but there is only one official one. Don’t worry you won’t miss it.

6) There are also many blogs that aid the ANC campaign including this blog, Floyd Shivambu’s blog, Lazola Ndamase’s blog, Themba Phakathi’s blog and others.

7) Then there is the old traditional Billboards, branded minibus taxis, posters, T-Shirts, newspaper adverts and other platforms.

I just love the utilisation of these technologies by the ANC and the massive response that they are getting from the public, especially the youth.

While at that, may I remind the South African readers of this blog that there is a final registration weekend on the 7th and 8th February 2009. It is important to visit your nearby voting station to check that your registration is in order. If you have changed the place where you stay, you may need to register again. If you are a first time voter, you need to register as well.

If you have accidentally lost your ID, you will pleased to know that you can visit your nearest Home Affairs office to apply for a Temporary ID which can be issued to you within one day in most of the offices. You can use the Temporary ID to register but you will need the ID document to vote. So you can use the Temporary ID while you wait for your ID.

The IEC also provides an sms service to check if you are registered to vote. You can sms your ID number to 32810. You may, alternatively, visit the IEC website at to check your voter registration status there.

With so much information conveniently available, I see no reason why anyone would still resist the temptation to tell friends about it. Your friends will hate you for not telling them about these communication channels. They will surely want to contribute to the victory celebrations of the ANC after the announcement of the elections results.

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