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Below I have embedded the Facebook posts that I did while in East London for the ANC 2009 Elections Manifesto Launch on 10 January 2009. I have no knowledge of this embedding ever done before, so I am testing if it is technically possible. Note that the posts have time stamps. I will blog later about the political proceedings.

Bayanda is joining thousands at East London Stadium to launch the ANC 2009 Elections Manifesto. 12:24pm31 Comments

Moses Ka Moyo at 12:28pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Amandla ,all comrades to the front

Sbu Ngubo at 12:51pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Yeah man am watchn it on tv,da pl2e is packd

Zanele Shezi at 12:55pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

it a place 2 be enjoy

Nhlanhla Mamba at 1:47pm January 10

great speech by Msholozi

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:23pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Mzwakhe Mbuli is now performing. Before him it was Chicco Twala and Deborah Fraser. Chomee, DJ Tira, Kelly Khumalo, Big Nuz, Trompies and others are still coming.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:27pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

To my left where I’m sitting, I just saw Sonie Mbele (aka Ntombi Khumalo), Sello Maake kaNcube, Florence Masebe, David Kau, Nimrod Nkosi, Sthandiwe Msomi and others that are not as famous.

Nhlanhla Mamba at 2:35pm January 10

why is Mandela not attending the manifesto?

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:36pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Earlier I saw Doctor Khumalo, Philemon Masinga, Tebogo Moloi, Mike Mangena and others whom I forgot their names.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:45pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Nhlanhla, Mandela is 90 years old. He has attended and addressed more rallies than you would imagine. Zinzi Mandela, his daughter, read a written message from him.
Besides, it would be tedious to try to audit why more than 10 million people who voted ANC in 2004 did not attend.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:48pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Rebecca Malope is performing now with a live band.

Nhlanhla Mamba at 2:52pm January 10

man was jst askin ?

Nhlanhla Mamba at 2:55pm January 10

thought the revolution wil hve difficulty in this province but judging by the attendance its stil a force yo

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:03pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Rebecca’s performance is really moving. It somehow got me on my feet. Don’t ask what I did after I stood up.

Nontlantla Skenjana at 3:09pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Thousands indeed, i am one of them

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:18pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

I just saw a guy here. He has a digital camera and a portable photo printer. He is taking photos and printing them same time for his clients. I admire his business spirit.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:20pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Blondie Makhene is performing now. I think toyi toyi is some form of body exercise.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:31pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Eish, there’s some Free State guy on stage who is singing something about Msholozi. I wonder what he is saying. I could use the men’s room before Lvovo Derango gets on stage.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:38pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

This guy is still on stage. I wonder what he is still doing there. Perhaps one day he will become a serious musician, for now he looks like he is on Shell Road to Fame. He has finally finished. The co-program director is now making an announcement about which buses are leaving.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 3:39pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Excuse me a bit. Chomee is now on stage.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 4:04pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

The sadness of eye candy is that it is never enough. Similarly straight men have an infinite desire to have eye candy belonging to them. I can walk to the stage with my vip access to speak to Chomee and take her number. But I’ll pass. Really, I won’t. Hhayi ngoba ngsaba. Yingoba, I’d rather keep what I have than trying to have everything. This is called discipline. It is not easy, but I will do it.

Obviously, Chomee is done.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 4:07pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Lvovo Derango is now on stage with his story telling songs. DKM (Durban Kwaito Music) is good.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 4:26pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Thebe is now on stage. I’m enjoying this show.
My boss has called. He wants me to join him for lunch. Even though I’m hungry, he will have to wait, I’m still waiting for Kelly Khumalo’s performance.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 4:56pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Kelly Khumalo has just finished performing. I moved from the stands to the stage during her performance. She is a very brave woman.

I wonder why my heart is beating so fast.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 5:02pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Mandla Spikiri of Trompies is now on stage. I’m now leaving. That was a nice show. I’ll update my blog soon about this event.

Zanele Shezi at 6:23pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

thank u 4 the upday now i can tel ppl I ws there.

Nontobeko Mbumbe at 7:17pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

I wish i cud have been there, dat was history in da making.

Nontobeko Mbumbe at 7:30pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Thank u 4 da update bayanda. The difference btwn kelly n I is, she is a celebrity and i am not. She does her sexy moves anywhere and anyhow for everyone, i do it in 1 house anywhere in da house, anyhow for 1 person. She wears loads and loads of make up, i am fine with my ponds. Now, who is real???

Bayanda Mzoneli at 10:39pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

Lol Nonto, this is a public wall.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 10:52pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

My phone is out of battery. I’ve had to borrow from a collegue.

After I left the stadium, I went to Grazia to join my boss for late lunch. I sat there until now.

While there I saw Florence Masebe and the others. This time they were joined by Oskido, Mdu and others. Note that I am deliberately omitting to mention politicians.

Now I’m in house I don’t know. They say this is a party. It’s a nice house. Music is playing softly. There’s lot of liquor. There’s about 29 people but the house is 25% full because it is big.

Yes. I’m still not a party person. And no I’m not here for girls. I’m still slow on that and besides there’s none my age here. What actually brought me here is that I’m sharing the car with a colleague and a friend.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 10:54pm January 10 via Facebook Mobile

The destination is decided democratically and the vote is always 2 to 1. It appears it’s still going to be a long night.

Bayanda Mzoneli at 2:37am January 11

We further went to another party. The meat there was infinite. A lot of people, politicians and celebreties. I didn’t know that DJ Bongz is here as well. The ANC is truly big.

The downside of attendance of celebrities is that all the good girls are taken. But at least that gives me a good excuse for having been walking around aimlessly pretending to be aiming at something.

Eye candy is always the best for us who do not indulge in alcohol in events like this. I had a feast of it.

People still can’t stop talking about Kelly Khumalo. That was a great show. Kelly and her 4 dancers were wearing a push-up bra and a boy cut onIy (Don’t know a boy cut, where have you been).  saw an old friend who promised to email me some photos as I did not have a digital camera.

The day has ended now. I am going to try to post this at as a Blog post. I have never seen anyone do it before. I wonder if I will succeed. After that I will go straight to sleep because I have to wake up as early as 05h00 in the morning.

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