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A couple of posts ago, I indicated that I had promised millions of readers of this blog that I am going to write more about the ANC 2009 Elections manifesto than just its launch earlier this year. My work (google my name if you don’t know what I do) has forced me to keep procrastinating. However, due to popular demand I have had to succumb to the pressure.

I decided to begin with the pre-series so as to clarify my approach to the 2009 National and Provincial elections. In the series I am going to be pointing out the main reasons why I am going to vote ANC. I will also interrogate various arguments in the public discourse for and against voting ANC in an attempt to convince others to join the millions that are going to be voting ANC.

The President of the ANC, Cde Jacob Zuma, is going to be the country’s President after the elections. The reasons he is going to be the President are found in everything those who support him have said in the past many years. For all those who do not want him to be President, I am going to be baking a humble pie for you to feast on on the inauguration day.

This puts the matter of the President to rest. I will try to steer away from it as much as possible in an effort to explore the other aspects of this election that have not received much attention. I doubt that there is anything new I can say in support of Cde Zuma on in his defence from his permanent attackers. I also doubt that the opponents of his Presidency do have something new to say. Everyone keeps repeating what has already been said on both sides. So I will leave this matter to people who do those type of discussions on a permanent basis. If you are interested in my views about Cde Zuma, check out the articles on or You may also listen to Julius Malema, Blade Nzimande, Buti Manamela, Floyd Shivambu, Castro Ngobese, Malesela Maleka, Jacob Zuma, Gwede Mantashe, Jessie Duarte, Mrs Ngwenya (my 81 year old paternal grandmother) and others. All those people express my views about Cde JZ adequately I don’t need to repeat here.

Now that I have clarified my views about Cde JZ, let me come to Cde Julius Malema who is my president as a member of the ANCYL. Sir Issac Newton, he of the Newton’s laws of motion, says in his 3rd law of motion; “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Since in South Africa all daily newspapers publish a minimum of 5 anti-Zuma articles per week, weekly newspapers publish a minimum of 2 in each of their publications and radio and tv have a minimum of 2 anti-Zuma speakers per talk show everyday; we will group these and call them what Newton calls ‘action.’ This ‘action’ includes the pervert anti-Zuma presentation as contained in the Zapiro cartoons, Pityana articles, Zille and Shikota statements. This ‘action’ further includes an investigation of a R500 000 bribe that has cost millions already and is still continuing, which is likely to continue at least until 2048.

If you were to be investigated that long you would eventually be found guilty at least for; the traffic fine you did not pay, the pirated music you have on your phone or in your car, using the work time to read this article (yes that is corruption, you shouldn’t be reading this at work let alone that you are using company internet), for defeating the ends of justice for not reporting the criminal you know on a first name basis (yes, not reporting them makes you an accomplice), for stealing a pen (when was the last time you bought a pen) or any other crime.

Now, if we apply Newton’s law it means we need “an equal and opposite reaction” to this ‘action’ This is all what Malema is about. If all the anti-Zuma rhetoric were to be removed in the media, all Malema’s pro-Zuma statements would cease to exist. All Malema’s attempts that seek to ‘an equal and opposite reaction’ to the ‘action’ will end. At that point the media will be able to report what Julius said at the ANCYL 64th anniversary on 26 October 2008, which includes that; “Education remains central in our agenda for youth empowerment. Our call for free and compulsory education is premised on the principle that no child must be deprived of education.” and many other statements that express genuine ANCYL policy positions. Indeed from time to time he might or might not go too far but the line becomes difficult to draw in an environment where the ‘action’ is too severe.

As you can see, my view is that the debates on Cde JZ and/or on Cde Julius have polarised. I have chosen my side and the rest of society have chosen theirs. I see no need to recycle the tired arguments for or against these comrades or any other comrades for that matter.

I have put this before the articles I am going to write to emphasise that my voting ANC have nothing to do with Cde JZ, Cde Julius, Cde Mbeki or any other comrade. Even if these comrades were hit by a bus tomorrow, I would still vote ANC because, for me, this election is not about any of them. For me this election is about My Future, My Vision, My ANC.

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