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Dear friend/colleague

Thank you for the email. The content was inspirational and touching.

Your email would have made an even better reading had you omitted the part that coerces me to forward it. Unfortunately, I have more rational and serious emails to read and I won’t be able to forward it to my email contacts as you suggested. I did not have time to go through you entire gibberish.

I understand it to be an element of hypocrisy to pretend that my friends will have a better fortune simply by forwarding the email to others. I prefer my friends sane and rational.

I understand it to be shortsighted to forward an email that may have been circulating on the internet for many years already. My friends may have received it on more than one occasion already.

I do not believe that reading a prayer in an email is the same as praying. If that were the case, just imagine the implications of reading this; “I call upon you devil and your evil spirit to dwell upon me now and forever more. Amen.” I do not intend giving my friends a false sense of praying.

Me and my friends prefer more personal communication. We don’t like perpetually recycled forwarded junk that has no relation whatsoever to who we are. I have always had a way of raising religious matters with them and we will continue that way without relying on some infinite forwarding futile exercise.

If I forward your email, some of my friends who regard forwarded gibberish as junk will blacklist my email and I will no longer be able to send them legitimate emails.

I regard religion as a sacred thing. I am therefore less inclined to abusing it to pretend to look smart or to look more religious than others.

You are most welcome to send me emails in future especially those that are authored by you.

Thank you.

An irate friend

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