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Bayanda Mzoneli is a public servant. He writes in his personal capacity.

Yesterday I wrote about my Perspective on Protection of Information Bill. I also reiterated that the contents of my blogs and my electronic communications is subject to Terms of Use on my blog. What I omitted to mention in my perspective yesterday was the disimpact (couldn’t think of a better word) that is likely to be caused by Julian Assange’s According to Wikileaks (see here) they have already published a secret document which is a South African Banking Report by the South African Competition Commission and subsequently received a request from the Commission to remove it, to which I supposed they declined because the report remains on their website.

I am uncertain at to how the Bill, once passed, will cater for a document that is hacked by an Australian (Julian Assange) and subsequently published in a website with a server in Sweden ( I am unable to formulate and opinion/perspective on matters of jurisdiction due to my ignorance on the matter.

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