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Below is an interesting conversation I just had with a friend NOW on Gmail Chat. We were typing very fast, so excuse the spelling and sequence of the conversation. You welcome to participate by way of comments. ‘me’ is Bayanda Mzoneli and ‘Zama’ is Zama Magagula

me: Hi, I’m supposed to leave now but I dedicate the next 5 minutes to clarifying any aspects of nationalisation of mines that may not seem clear.

Sent at 4:07 PM on Thursday

Zama: khuluma nami

yazi ayikho clear ngempela kumuntu onjengam

Sent at 4:10 PM on Thursday

me: government currently has one Alexkor, which is not doing well

the view of the ANCYL is that this is because of its bad business model

Zama: is it not doing well because of iCorruption?

me: not exactly

it has been affected by reccession lately

Zama: has someone spent time doing feasibility studies on the reasons behind ukungenzi kahle kwayo?

me: the ANCYL proposes that it be consolidated with other government mining interests into one company that will run the affairs on behalf of the state

Zama: Has it been considered that these mines will not be repossessed but will need to be bought by the state?

me: yesterday the CEO was here in parliament to brief the Portfolio Committee on Mining about the challenges they face and the remedial actions that they have put in place

Zama: then why rush into nationalising if we have one “model” that we use as a test that we can focus on for now and compare to see if the projected idea is practical

me: the current ANCYL position is 60% state and 40% private ownership

the problem is the mines are being mined as we chat here

the Freedom Charter was adopted in 1955

we have waited for many years already

we need to move now

Zama: either way a feasibility study will need to be conducted, kubonakale if this will benefit the state and the countries citizens not abantu abathile

me: there are already existing state companies

including Petro SA and ACSA

which are doing well and both profits and tax accrue to the state

Zama: but it doesn’t look like that is the direction the state will like to take.

me: the issues is that currently with mines, only tax goes to the state

Zama: Looking at 1st world countries, capitalists are running the show. the economy is booming

me: obviously there is a lot of resistance

Zama: I guess the resistance is based on previous failures

me: part of that booming is how the entire continent continues to export raw material

that is why Africa remains in catching up mode, with worst poverty

partially it is previous failures

Zama: True, but are we at that stage where we are ready to take the mines and run with them?

me: but there are also previous successes including in Venezuela

Zama: there are already mines owned by South Africans, why aren’t we subsidising these

me: the view of the ANCYL is that we have reached that point

we can’t subsidise profit that accrue to individuals

profits got to got to free education, better health care and so on

not to make rich people even more richer

Zama: but so far you have mentioned on one mining company that is not doing well

me: you asked about the government owned company

Zama: again, have we reached that point or should we first make corrections and prove that we are capable before going ahead with nationalising one company at a time?

me: business have been generally bad in mining until about April 2010

there are other mining companies that are already recovering and were doing well before the recession

the ANCYL view is that 50% unemployment among the youth can not be allowed to co-exist with huge profits that go to multi-nationals

Zama: What about corruption, people have dragged government entities to the ground ngenxa yeCorruption

me:  mining and processing has got to remedy the unemployment situation

Zama: Mining and Agricultural sectors are our back bone, are we willing to gamble?

me: put differently, are willing to have those owned in England, forever?

Zama: Unemployment, are we not kidding ourselves masithi we will increase jobs. Bazoshonaphi labantu abakhona manje?

me: Corruption is a cancer that government and society in general should continue to deal with

Zama: People like me are not resisting, but at the same time we need to have a clear plan of action explained to us. How will this be archived

me: I understand what you mean

Zama: Where has there been results within the country

i.e. people need to have faith in the POA before giving it uElethu

me:  I am not sure if you have read the ANCYL document on the issue, it is quite lengthy and covers a lot of issues

Zama: Otherwise if it is not clear we will end up giving our natural resources away ngeMassive discount like Zimbabwe is about to

Can you email it to me. I have heard about it but angikayifundi

Zama: if we don’t have a proper plan of action sikhuluma ngamaWishes neTheory……….that will happen

me: South Africans are a very courageous people

Zama: will be interesting to see how they will be repossessed, where the funding will come from, how and who will be running the mines

me: but one of the weaknesses have been extreme caution when dealing with the economy

this has led us to unacceptable levels of poverty

people everywhere look to government for jobs

government with its department can only do so much

Zama: We have also won with empowering developing Black companies which is great

me: government has been begging the private sector to come to the party on the matter

without adequate success

Zama: This is a massive transformation and will indeed need to be closely looked at

We will be playing in the capitalists ground

me: The issue of BEE has proved to not yield the desired results at a desirable scale

Zama: brave, but has to be realistic and a goal we can achieve

me:  which necessitates additional measures such as state participation in the market

Zama: I think the BEE (if not driven by greed) would have been very successful by now

me: the capitalists market has collapsed before our eyes

proving that it unsustainable even without being pushed

Zama: I doubt they have collapsed, it is the game they play. win or lose

me: Capitalism cannot not be driven by greed

the Recession was the downfall of capitalism

Zama: I still believe that it is driven by greed

me: the graphs were pointing down

Zama: That brings us back to the topic yangelinye ilanga……… did recession come sbout

me: we cannot continue to do things the same way expecting different results


I think your 5 minutes is over

Zama: I had a very interesting chat with one of my directors about this

me: Can we pick on that sometime tomorrow

I have to go

Zama: thanks for a 5 min chat

I missed chats like these, ndlelanhle

me: Do you mind if I publish this chat on my blog


Zama: no problem, will be great to see i-insight yabanye abantu

me: Cool!


Zama: sure

Sent at 4:32 PM on Thursday

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