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Disclaimer: While the views expressed here are subject to Terms of Use of this blog, I wish to emphasise that the views expressed here do not represent the views of my employer as a person or as an institution. This is merely a bad attempt at satire intended for those with basic science knowledge and a large sense of humour. It is not a scientific paper nor official policy of anything.

Charles Darwin would have us believe that we evolved from apes. I understand most of science accept Darwin’s theory of evolution, even though I am not sure if that includes the Christian scientists.

My extension of Darwin’s theory is that evolution did not or does not end with homo sapiens. Meaning that there are future species that will evolve from us. It would be unscientific for a process of evolution, which is also an aspect of adapting to suddenly come to an abrupt end just because we happen to be the species that noticed it.

I take it some of the amphibians such as crocodiles and others had their fins, designed for swimming, convert into feet to adapt to walking on land outside water but still have sufficient surface area to swim in water. Hence there could very well be a pre-crocodile species (apes of crocodiles). Meaning the crocodile is a product of evolution that is occasioned by adapting to a changing external environment.

Likewise, a part of me does not believe that climate change is a threat that it is made out to be especially by scientists. If emissions lead to the shortage of oxygen in the atmosphere, then I suspect the species after homo sapiens will have larger noses or larger lungs or both. Meaning with little oxygen in the air, their will need large volumes of the air to get into lungs with a large surface area to absorb enough oxygen for the body. We could also add that their breathing rates could be faster than that of us the homo sapiens.

That solves the carbon issues. Then what do we do about the droughts that threaten food security due to climate change.

It is a funny coincidence that just at the time when the climate change threat is more apparent, there are significant breakthroughs on the genetically modified plants that can grow faster in a desert without much irrigation. of course we currently frown at genetically modified food but over time, future generation and particularly our successor species would be more appreciative of this scientific breakthrough, partly due to their circumstances at the time but also because it would have matured by that time to address whatever fears we may have about it currently.

But climate is not only about drought. It is also about hurricanes and tsunamis.

Err… sorry about this but tsunamis are not a function of climate change. Remember that a tsunami is a result of an earthquake that happens in the ocean causing the waves to move higher and faster visiting destruction on the coastal areas. Hence, even if carbon emission could be cut to zero, the magma under the earth’s crust does not care that much about that and will continue to boil shaking or releasing itself from time to time there is conditions for it to do that.

As for hurricanes, maybe that is a real problem. But then again it is a know problem that is seasonal in certain regions of the world. I here you say it is getting worse every decade. Maybe. Maybe not. My hypothesis is that the instruments we use to measure the speeds of hurricanes are improving every decade that is why we get more and more accurate results which then look like they are better than those of the previous decade. You say the hurricane is not measure only by its speed but also by the amount of destruction is causes? Well, recent stats say there are now 7 billion people on earth compared to 6 billion a few years ago. Thus the number of casualties and infrastructure destruction could just be proportional to population growth or infrastructure development in those regions.

They say the ice is melting at the north pole. I don’t see what seems to be the problem with the ice melting. The world temperature could be getting hotter, our future species will adapt to those temperatures just as Russians may have difficulty leaving in the equator such as in Nigeria and vice versa.

The blind spot is that the very science that teaches us Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the same science that is brewing the brouhaha about climate change.

Humans and other living organisms always adapt. Those who fail to adapt such dinosaurs and Cope members become extinct. Homo sapiens need to get over themselves and start accepting that they are not the last species in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It will continue to happen. It is a scientific reality. Perhaps the focus should be on how best to adapt so we can prepare the innovation where the successor species will take over.

If you an environmentalist and you are reading this, note that I fully support COP17 and that a decisive commitment should come out of it. I signed the petition and bought the T-shirt, just that it is smaller size so I don’t wear it in public that is why it is not in my Facebook photos but I have joined the Cop17 Facebook group and I am in full support that carbon emissions should be reduced to avoid an imminent catastrophe of human extinction.

Thanks for reading thus far. If you want to know more about this subject matter, try subscribing to a science journal rather than reading blogs of people who blog unscientific nonsense.

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