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Few people would disagree that Google is one of the most awesome places to work. The never-ending free buffet, the nap pods, gym facilities and other amenities provide for a very convenient working environment.

For today, my focus is on the buffet and nap pods, mostly because I’m both hungry and drowsy.

One of the things I can do to address my hunger is to step out of the office, walk down or up the streets of Pretoria to get a snack. The reason I can’t do that and would rather sit here and be hungry is because I am lazy. I already had my lunch box and a couple of fruits I brought but I’m still hungry. However, there is nothing unusual on this. I generally spend my days at work starving. I am used to it now.

The more urgent matter is that I am drowsy. Last night I slept at 3am (this morning) because I had to finish a report that I should have done over the weekend. But over the weekend, I was too busy watching cartoons and thinking about where I can get an app that does to-do lists in a way that eliminates procrastination. As a result I did not do the important report until I got a call late last night that the reports is now needed sooner than initially planned. I could not get to it immediately because I had a meeting of the Body Corporate Board of Trustees to attend.

After being held up by a series of unplanned errands, I finally settled at my desk at 00:30 to do the report. I finished the report around 3am and went to bed. I was up at 05:45. I am not new to sleeping few hours. In my prime, I could go on three days without sleep. I’m not that efficient anymore. But I have had too little sleep over the weekend due to other errands. Principal among them is that I am a manager to model. So she had show that end late at night and I had to fetch her. I will only reveal her identity in a few years.

For all these reasons I was feeling drowsy and wished there were nap pods where I work so I can nap. Although there are couches in my office, I can’t nap as anyone may walk in anytime to pick up a cup or glass. The office I am assigned to has a cupboard that keeps kitchen utensils for our section. It would be hard to explain why I am sleeping on the job.

I could have coffee to help keep me awake, but I will have to stand up from my chair and go find coffee either in the kitchen or in one of the boardrooms. During the daunting trip, I will meet colleagues on the passage whom I will have to exchange small talk with about soccer, politics or some other topic which is not one of my strengths.

Hence I decided to write this blog. It seems it has managed to keep me awake for the period that I was typing it. Hopefully the drowsiness won’t return until knock off time.

I still wish employees could take naps without being judged. There is even scientific evidence that naps at work boost productivity. But our country, particularly employers, is too far from being moved by such things as science. We are fond of our old ways the way we have always done things.

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  1. very helpful, thank you

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