On Monday this week, former President Thabo Mbeki released the first of a series of articles intended to correct distortions about the period when he served as President of the ANC and the Republic.   As was expected, this article, which discussed the former President’s alleged paranoia, has generated much discussion and debate across the country.   One such contribution has come from a familiar place, the desk of former Sunday Times editor, Ray Hartley.    In . . . Continue reading this article

By Thabo Mbeki There is a popular view that Winston Churchill once said, “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” However it would seem that what Churchill actually said, speaking at the British House of Commons on 23 Jan 1948, was, “For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all Parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history myself.” Whatever his exact words, Churchill’s comments drew attention to the important . . . Continue reading this article

You will be disappointed, but not surprised, to know that this blog has only 13 loyal readers, down from the 54 who used to read in the past. It makes a lot of sense because there is not one who can, in their right mind, waste their time reading badly written pointless text. For what it's worth, I appreciate the loyalty of all the 13 readers of this blog. Hence, I would like to give all 13 of you a Christmas gift. No, do not get excited yet. It's not the conventional Christmas gift. It's the kind . . . Continue reading this article

The 2012 Constitution of the ANC provides that any member has a right to elect and to be elected to any structure of the ANC. It has implicit exclusion of those whose first time membership is less than 6 months. During that period, a provisional member can neither vote nor be voted for. However, the constitution further imposes additional requirements for election to specific structures. It prescribes that for election to the NEC, a person must have been a member for at least 10 years. For the . . . Continue reading this article

Few people would disagree that Google is one of the most awesome places to work. The never-ending free buffet, the nap pods, gym facilities and other amenities provide for a very convenient working environment. For today, my focus is on the buffet and nap pods, mostly because I'm both hungry and drowsy. One of the things I can do to address my hunger is to step out of the office, walk down or up the streets of Pretoria to get a snack. The reason I can't do that and would rather sit here and . . . Continue reading this article

At the risk of being labelled as blindly loyal, I am joining the discussion around the liability of the President for certain payment relating to upgrades at his residence. To the extent possible, almost all participants in this debate seem to hold the Public Protector in higher regard than even the SIU such as Mcebisi Ndletyana (see http://www.bdlive.co.za/opinion/2014/08/21/zuma-sticking-with-signature-strategy-stall-and-obfuscate). But for some reason some of the more audible participants seem . . . Continue reading this article

A few weeks back, Zama suggested that I get her Memoirs of a Born Free for her birthday which is on the 2nd or 3rd of August (I forget birthdays). I try, as far as possible, to make sure that the books I give as gifts are books I have read. Her request meant that the procrastination was over. I had to read the book. I bought two copies at OR Tambo Airport on my way to Cape Town on Monday night. It was an opportune moment given the two-hour flight which always feel like 12 hours. It was also a . . . Continue reading this article

The coalition of the former comrades and the September National Imbizo (SNI) in the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have had a good showing in the 2014 National Elections, as I had expected. Current indications are that they are likely to get about 25 seats in the National Assembly. They will be getting a few seats in the provincial legislatures across the country, taking the much sought after position of main opposition in Limpopo. Rightfully, the former comrades have been patting themselves . . . Continue reading this article

                                                                                  2 April 2014, David Maimela Programme Director President of the NSRC and the National Executive of the NSRC Vice-Chancellor Prof Mandla Makhanya and other members of UNISA management Dean of Students, Prof LenkaBula Leadership student organisations represented here tonight Distinguished guests Ladies and gentlemen, . . . Continue reading this article

With the release of the Public Protector’s report on the President’s homestead security upgrades, we have, in the recent past, been bombarded by a variety of degenerate theoretical aspersions in the “South African” mainstream media. Instead of studying the said report within the broader confines of achievements and challenges epitomising the ANC’s post 1994 democratic dispensation, Dr Xolela Mancgu and Mr Justice Malala, (M &M) succumb to blame game, targeting the ANC and hypocritically . . . Continue reading this article