The ANCYL wishes Mama Winnie a speedy recovery.

The ANCYL wishes Mama Winnie a speedy recovery. We want to to say to Mama Winnie the nation wishes you urgent recovery. We hope that in times like these you will show resilience like you did against the defunct apartheid regime. Please continue to show courage against the illness that want to conquer your spirit. We, as the ANCYL, have hope that you will fight till the full recovery. What will the nation be without you in these trying times when there are some in our movement and some outside our movement who are hell-bent in destroying the movement that you dearly fought for with many comrades. The movement that you shouldered under difficult times. Your wisdom and guidance in these times is more than required. Your experience cannot be kept away from us in these times. We love you Mother of the Nation. 

We wish to request that the family be respected  and that it be given time to deal with the state of health of the Mother of the Nation. We request that all, including those in the media, to shy away from wanting to use the state of health of Mama Winnie to make money. We call for calm to all including the family for we know that Mama Winnie will be well soon. No illness will conquer the Mother of the Nation after all the Mother of the Nation conquered the most brutal regime in South Africa. Yes Mama fought to victory the Botha regime and yes Mama will fight to victory the temporary illness that wants to put her in bed. 

On Passing Away of Cdes of Ekurhuleni 

The ANCYL will be visiting families of those that have passed away coming from Port Elizabeth in the ANC manifesto launch ahead of local government elections. The ANCYL requests all South Africans to keep in their prayers all those that were involved in this accident. Working with the region of Ekurhuleni, the ANCYL will like to hold a service for those that have passed on and pray for the speedy recovery of those that are injured. 

Issued by 

Mlondi Mkhize 

National Spokesperson 

African National Congress Youth League 


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